”Dear Ort till Ort,

Hope you are fine. We would like to remind you of our next meeting in Athens from 2 to 6 November!

We sincerely hope to see you there. It is very likely (but not yet confirmed) that new groups will join us: tenants’ unions from London, Barcelona and Warsaw, groups fighting against evictions in Rome and Sicily, comrades from Turkey and maybe North Cyprus, and who knows, maybe some activists from Bulgaria will want to join us too. Different Greek collectives and groups will of course be present too.

The main objectives of our next meeting in Athens are to strengthen the EAC groups through knowledge and skills sharing, to create alliances, to revitalize the working groups, to take decisions on the next steps, to plan common actions and/or campaigns, to organize the next Housing Action Day, etc. In concrete terms, it will also mean bringing together different tenants’ unions, organised groups of homeless people and solidarity groups, anti-eviction groups, activists fighting against gentrification, or those building or defending alternative housing, etc. We also think that the topic of energy bills should be discussed. We have already contacted campaigns but if you have contacts in your city please, don’t hesitate to share it with us asap. We will refine the programme together at our next monthly meeting on 8 September (details will be sent in a future email).

In order to organise ourselves as well as possible, we invite you to :

  • confirm your participation by filling in this online table, or by sending us an email directly;
  • fill in the list of workshop proposals you would like to participate in and organise.

Please send us this information by 8 September at the latest, as this will facilitate the organisation of meetings.

In solidarity,

The EAC team”